Credit Card fraud in Australia

November 4, 2002

I’ve just been given (by voicemail!) a couple of links to check out – I figured you may want to take a looks as well.

Our aim is to stop fraudulent use of credit cards and the charge backs caused by their misuse.

…post details of fraudulent transactions to each other. Details of dodgy numbers are auto-generated to database members who can then keep an eye open for potential frauds…

The problems in the UK are quite similar to those here in Australia – people think that the privacy act prevents them doing anything in the private sector (must look into this!) The various authorities (police etc…) act completely distinterested in helping fledgling ebusiness operators track down and take action against the fraudsters.

Of course the credit card companies themselves are not doing much to help. One of them is introducing new card scanners to help face-to-face transactions. Big deal. That does nothing to help us! In fact, we don’t even have access to the systems that are in place in America that allow a merchant to check the address of a cardholder. That small step would help enormously.

Why not give us these simple security measures? Well the conspiracy people say that the whole system of chargebacks and fraudulent use just means more fees & charges payable to the card issuers – so why would they want to stop that source of income? Especially when the financial burden of bad transactions has been so neatly placed upon the merchants.

The race that stops nations

November 4, 2002

In other news – don’t expect much from ANZAC bloggers tomorrow afternoon AEST – the race that stops the nation (whether you are Kiwi or Aussie) will be run. I’m not kidding – everything stops for just a few minutes to watch horses run around a track. It will even get me. Yay. I think 🙂