Text to speech update

More text file to speech software – this time from someone with a focus on iPod solutions – http://www.zapptek.com/ispeak-it/ is also only $9!

I keep thinking that this stuff would be more interesting for creating a personalised alarm service – run computer speakers into your bedroom (X10 automation optional) and wake up to your chosen music, with text-to-speech providing weather forecasts, traffic reports, your daily schedule, finance news, horoscopes, whatever you can find online or from your personal information cloud. This would be cool. Of course, it may or may not pass the wife test 🙂

One Response to Text to speech update

  1. Matthew says:

    So it took four years and someone else to do it … introducing http://pimpmynews.com/ !! Almosty exactly as predicted / wished for in this very blog.

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