Flu … the recovery


[gets out of bed]

Hi [muffled voice]

Looking for ways to be kept in touch? I’m thinking it would be nice for my computers to produce a personalised radio show for getting up in the mornings. Tools like text to speech software and RSS readers (that are sometimes combined!) could go a long way towards this goal. Then mix in some cheesy DJ-isms and your favourite playlists and Bob is your Auntie’s live in lover.

I found a new tool : http://www.zapptek.com/ispeak-it/ which prompted me to update an old page from 2002 : my text to MP3 page for that software, here is an AppleScript DJ that changes stations for you and throws in snide remarks (all customisable….)

What else do we need? A bit of X-10 – hang on, I’ve been talking about this before. Hmm. I think there is a theme here that needs a bit of exploring.

What do we call this solution?

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