Half-year late – mobile phones with digital cameras

June 28, 2004

It looks like I was half a year late – I had predicted that by Christmas 2003 most mobile phones sold in Australia would have a digital camera as well. Well recently I saw a news item that stated digital cameras with phones attached were going to outsell standalone digital cameras – get this – 2 million to 1.8 million units this year in Australia.

Bugger me if there’s not a few new markets going to emerge around the fact that everyone will be able to digitally record practically everything they do in a year or two.

Back online

June 17, 2004

I took a break from being online when the family took an extended long-weekend holiday trip to the Gold Coast. That was easier than I thought it might have been – at least after the first twelve hours. Addiction? Possibly.

Anyway, while I was gone there was an earthquake in the blogosphere, and all the blogs at weblogs.com were switched off. Including one of mine – MoneyTalks. Perhaps now is a good time to audition a new blogging environment and get some new hosting sorted out?

Suggestions? Especially for converting this manila blog (exportable as radio.root) into something more friendly?

Transit of Venus

June 8, 2004

I have some photos up from the transit of Venus across the sun. This was great – actually it is great, the transit is still happening right now. More info including webcasts available here and here. It is humbling to know that no person alive today has seen this sight, and (after the paired event in eight years) none of us will live to see the next pair of transits.

[Update : 201690214 seconds to go until the next Transit of Venus as of this update at January 15, 2006, at 13:12:26 UTC]

Welcome to Winter

June 3, 2004

Time to break out the jumpers, scarves and heaters – winter is upon us. Mmmm, snuggly fun 🙂

Blogs, mistresses and hot Cocoa tips

June 3, 2004

I found a new blog today, with a great tagline :

tail -f /dev/mind > blog

and in this blog is an interesting (controvertial, provoking…) article called The Mac is a Harsh Mistress

…for all her charm and grace, is notoriously thoughtless at times: scratch the surface of the Internet and you’ll find a string of bitter, abandoned ex-‘s who still curse her name…

Also found today was a great little tip on using some of the Bash shell’s shortcuts in Cocoa apps … like right here in Safari. So I can


to the end of a line, or


to the beginning. And so on. Neat-O?