Applescripting the Network Preference Pane

February 21, 2005

OK – here’s a nugget of information that I’ve had to search for twice now, so here I’m going to preserve it for a while.

The problem I was trying to solve was using Applescript to change the network in OS X – the path I initially took was to try GUI scripting the Network Preference Pane, but it is problematic, tricky and just plain difficult to get working. Not to mention inelegant and prone to breaking.

Eventually I stumbled across the answer – try doing it from the command line instead! The command to use is ‘scselect’ as told by John Welch on the Applescript Users mailing list one of Apple’s mailing lists.

So you would use the command ‘do shell script’ to use the ‘scselect’ utility from Applescript.

Goldschlager in Australia!

February 16, 2005

Ever since my first taste of Goldschlager, a cinnamon schnapps with actual gold flakes floating in it, I’ve wanted to be able to source my own supply.

That first bottle was brought back by a friend who had been to a Rocky Horror convention in L.A. The convention was hosted by – the sister cast of my old mob here in Sydney.

You can read ePinions for more on Goldschlager.

Well finally my search has apparently ended – after my mother wondered what Schnapps was made from (i.e. as potato is to Vodka) – a google search showed the name Goldschlager and I had to keep going until I found it.

So without further ado – get yours here :
[updated 2017-01-04]

Of course Nicks don’t seem to want to let me bookmark the actual page, so this search query will have to do for now.

[Update: 10 Jan 2006 – now the page is bookmarkable, so the link is updated]

Our first camping trip

February 15, 2005

In the spirit of Internal Transformation as a weight-loss technique – I unplugged myself and went camping with my family this past weekend.

Our little Dreamer (coming up on his eighth birthday) has started going to meetings of the the Cub Scouts to see if he wants to join. After just two meetings, we were told of a family camp to which we were invited. It was actually quite a bit of fun – despite none of Dreamer's fellow Cubs (or their leaders) being there due to various unfortunate circumstances. We made do with other members of the Scouting troop who looked out for Dreamer, his sister and a few other younger siblings who were there.

When I was of scouting age I was told that the waiting list was years long, so I never did learn how to tie a knot properly. I sincerely hope that we can sustain the Dreamer's interest in scouting because I see that it will be of tremendous importance to his development.

World’s Greatest Shave

February 7, 2005

P.S. I have my first donor for the shave – so it is going to happen 🙂 If I can raise enough then it will be a complete shave – down to the skin, hair and beard! If that isn’t an incentive to sponsor me, I don’t know what is.

Bluetooth headset for phone and iPod

February 7, 2005

Now here is a product that has been a long time in coming – a set of wired headphones with a bluetooth module to connect to your phone. My idea has always been that one set of headphones is all you *want* to deal with.

I don’t know anything about these apart from what you see on the website – – the price is pretty steep at AU$179, but I guess that is what happens for a new product in the marketplace. Are there any others like this out there?