Our first camping trip

In the spirit of Internal Transformation as a weight-loss technique – I unplugged myself and went camping with my family this past weekend.

Our little Dreamer (coming up on his eighth birthday) has started going to meetings of the the Cub Scouts to see if he wants to join. After just two meetings, we were told of a family camp to which we were invited. It was actually quite a bit of fun – despite none of Dreamer's fellow Cubs (or their leaders) being there due to various unfortunate circumstances. We made do with other members of the Scouting troop who looked out for Dreamer, his sister and a few other younger siblings who were there.

When I was of scouting age I was told that the waiting list was years long, so I never did learn how to tie a knot properly. I sincerely hope that we can sustain the Dreamer's interest in scouting because I see that it will be of tremendous importance to his development.

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