Goldschlager in Australia!

February 16, 2005

Ever since my first taste of Goldschlager, a cinnamon schnapps with actual gold flakes floating in it, I’ve wanted to be able to source my own supply.

That first bottle was brought back by a friend who had been to a Rocky Horror convention in L.A. The convention was hosted by – the sister cast of my old mob here in Sydney.

You can read ePinions for more on Goldschlager.

Well finally my search has apparently ended – after my mother wondered what Schnapps was made from (i.e. as potato is to Vodka) – a google search showed the name Goldschlager and I had to keep going until I found it.

So without further ado – get yours here :
[updated 2017-01-04]

Of course Nicks don’t seem to want to let me bookmark the actual page, so this search query will have to do for now.

[Update: 10 Jan 2006 – now the page is bookmarkable, so the link is updated]