When you’re making other plans…

April 27, 2005

We have been spending most of our days in the hospital – intensive care unit. R is coming along well, but was almost shocked to hear the seriousness of her condition from the surgeon today. Open heart surgery is a must, as soon as possible!

That will, in fact, be in about 8 hours time. Prayers are being said. This is big – the probablilities are that everything will be OK, but the possibilities of complications are real – and very worrying.

The good news is that the baby is well and R’s family have been able to come down and see her before the operation.

When you’re making other plans…

April 22, 2005

While we’ve been making other plans, my sister in law has had an aortic aneurysm – stemming I suppose from a hole in the aorta at birth.

We got to drive to approx 150kms towards her when we found she was being transferred by air to a hospital here in Sydney. Sigh.

We now await word until we head into the hospital and the waiting continues…

The Da Vinci Code and Friends

April 5, 2005

Well well well. Apparently my literary tastes have become somewhat dulled – I quite enjoyed reading Dan Brown’s books, despite the rather obvious formula that became apparent after reading three of them (Deception Point, Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code.)

What I did find interesting was the detailed references to the artworks and architecture of Europe – which I had the very great fortune to see first hand as a ten year old boy on The Big Family Holiday (TM).

What I find very interesting today is the extensive list of factual errors being pointed out by historian Danny Loss on his blog. A great read.

This was pointed out to me by a new blog I just found called the Ignatius Insight Scoop – as a Jesuit educated person I find their insight and search of truth a lifelong (hopefully) trait. It has landed me alongside the sceptics in many ways.

ChipWits – learning to program iconically

April 1, 2005

I fondly remember a program called ‘ChipWits’ – a game that we played at UTS on the old Classic Macs. Naturally, I am not the only one.

I’ve never been able to dig up a copy of that program, however it seems a similar project is now available as donationware … I found it in the REALbasic Design Awards for 2005.

The program is called ‘RobotProg’ and is available for Windows or Mac OS X.

“Program a virtual robot with a flowchart : first you draw the flowchart, then you run the program and watch the robot executing your program. With RobotProg you can learn programming bases by means of gradual levels. At the last level, you may program several robots playing games on the same ground.”

P.S. It seems there may be a place to download the original, now. Although old hardware seems the best way to run it.