Storms and light over Sydney

July 20, 2005
originally uploaded by Matthew Hall.

During school holidays we went to the PowerHouse museum – on the way out there was a storm coming over the city as the sun was getting low in the sky. Since I really like the contrast here I snapped a quick shot with my phone’s camera.

Making sweet, sweet music down by the fireplace…

July 20, 2005

I’ve finally started experimenting with GarageBand after owning it for over a year. True to the title of this blog my efforts so far are pretty much a dog’s breakfast – a mish mash of styles and sounds.

Perhaps that should be the name of my first ‘album’? Well, if you dare to listen, you can catch my early efforts at music in MP3 format over at my dotMac site.

P.S. Yesterday’s attempt to connect my Flickr photos to this blog were, err, semi-successful. Perhaps it will work better if I have flipped the page to the current date first?