Evdb.com – why should we care?

August 17, 2005

So today I found out about the BAR camp and the evdb.com at the same time. Actually a blog posting on the BAR camp lead me to evdb, but I digress.

Actually to continue the digression we need to have more unconferences here in Australia as I’m sick of seeing these $800 dollar conferences that I couldn’t be bothered going to.

I was quite excited by evdb because I am a big fan of calendars and subscribing, having been a .Mac subscriber for some time. I have learned to not only enjoy, but rely on having my own calendar follow me across different computers and even into my mobile phone.

So I posted my discovery to the mailing list of my group of friends and got this reply :

— J. wrote:
> I was going to say well Matt I don’t see Sydney listed but then I did
> a search. First time for me, never heard of it and I don’t see a need,
> what brings people to the site.

So my reply followed, and once I re-read it I figured I should put it out here for the rest of you to play with as well:

I think it would be event co-ordinators that bring people to the site to begin with. By listing your event there you get the advantage of being searchable in one spot – naturally as the host (evdb.com) you want to get big before anyone else comes into the space, but hey.

By registering as a user you can save searches as a ‘smart calendar’, “so what” you say? Well they do offer these features :

* For every event you get a set of iCalendar and RSS feeds that anyone can subscribe to.

This means I can use the site to have events pushed towards me, instead of having to go out and find them. Either subscribing with my calendar app or reading the RSS feed of what is effectively a permanent search of events in my chosen location or with a certain keyword. This is powerful stuff because it removes an action on behalf of the customer (I don’t have to find your event, it comes to my calendar!)

* Create calendars and then publish them anywhere online using pre-built designs or your own styles!

How many people can publish a nice looking calendar on their club/association/business website?

* More people can find out about your events! In EVDB they’ll be searchable and alert-able.

By centralising event info in a consistent format you give a leg up to any search engine that cares to read your format, benefiting everyone in the loop.

Like it was written just for me …

August 8, 2005

I have been reading Dave Pollard’s blog ‘How to Save the World’ for a long time now and it is usually very interesting stuff.

Today’s posting on The Nine Reasons we don’t do what we Should was quite timely – as I’m stuck on what to do next right now (probably why I was reading blogs in the first place 🙂

Anyway Dave referred to an earlier article of his that, as I read it, spoke directly to me. Do one or two things Really Well.

I just wanted to make a note of all this at this point in my [day|life].

First time for everything

August 6, 2005

This may be the first time I’ve been away and had wireless access, so I had to post (thanks Cain!)

First Snow Angel This is also the first time we’ve been to ‘the snow’ – I have seen snow before but this is the first time I have gone somewhere because of the snow. Ditto for the family, although the kids haven’t even seen snow before. That’s probably why the keep wanting to race outside in their pyjamas 🙂

eBay tools for Mac OS X users, buying, selling, bidding and sniping!

August 3, 2005

Zowie. I was under the mistaken impression that there were only two eBay tools for us Mac users these days … so i went out searching and found an interesting list on a site called The Auction Software Review – go figure 🙂

So my new list of tools is :

http://www.iwascoding.com/GarageSale/ the first tool I found for OS X, and possibly the leading listing tool. Buy Garage Sale now on Amazon.com

http://www.aspyr.com/games.php/software/isale the second listing tool I became aware of – both of these will list on eBay Australia which makes them actually possible for me to use! Buy equinux iSale 5.x Family Edition now on Amazon.com

Next are the tools I discovered today and haven’t really looked into yet :

http://www.database-central.com/myauction/index.html My Auction is a FileMaker based tool (which I always like being a FileMaker developer myself 🙂

http://www.luxcentral.com/auctiongenie/ Auction Genie manages selling, bidding, tracking, and related activities …

Author Steve Weber in this book has gathered the information that can take sellers years to learn and created a virtual seller’s encyclopedia of tips for selling successfully on Ebay.

Ina Steiner, Editor, AuctionBytes.com says “Ideal for the beginner and useful for the experienced eBayer, too–a gold mine of valuable and up-to-date information!”



Finally two tools from Colourfull Creations :

http://www.colourfull.com/at40.html Auction Tender includes ‘inventory management’ and claims compatibility with popular ecommerce systems – this could be a dark horse winner if it works downunder

http://www.colourfull.com/maxi.html Maxi Bidder is a sniping tool, which is unfortunately what we need these days. At least until the agents move in that is 🙂

[Update: I bought GarageSale this year (2006) and have been very happy with it, especially because it is working well on ebay.com.au – Matthew 17 Sep 2006]

P.S. Links on this page may be affiliate links that could benefit the author financially.

An android could get away with it for a short time …

August 1, 2005

This is the second reference I’ve had to this story in the last couple of days. I think it is pretty important (and absolutely no surprise that it comes from Japan.)

we react as if she were a woman:

Professor Ishiguro believes that it may prove possible to build an android that could pass for a human, if only for a brief period.
“An android could get away with it for a short time, 5-10 seconds. However, if we carefully select the situation, we could extend that, to perhaps 10 minutes,” he said.

“More importantly, we have found that people forget she is an android while interacting with her. Consciously, it is easy to see that she is an android, but unconsciously, we react to the android as if she were a woman.”