eBay tools for Mac OS X users, buying, selling, bidding and sniping!

August 3, 2005

Zowie. I was under the mistaken impression that there were only two eBay tools for us Mac users these days … so i went out searching and found an interesting list on a site called The Auction Software Review – go figure 🙂

So my new list of tools is :

http://www.iwascoding.com/GarageSale/ the first tool I found for OS X, and possibly the leading listing tool. Buy Garage Sale now on Amazon.com

http://www.aspyr.com/games.php/software/isale the second listing tool I became aware of – both of these will list on eBay Australia which makes them actually possible for me to use! Buy equinux iSale 5.x Family Edition now on Amazon.com

Next are the tools I discovered today and haven’t really looked into yet :

http://www.database-central.com/myauction/index.html My Auction is a FileMaker based tool (which I always like being a FileMaker developer myself 🙂

http://www.luxcentral.com/auctiongenie/ Auction Genie manages selling, bidding, tracking, and related activities …

Author Steve Weber in this book has gathered the information that can take sellers years to learn and created a virtual seller’s encyclopedia of tips for selling successfully on Ebay.

Ina Steiner, Editor, AuctionBytes.com says “Ideal for the beginner and useful for the experienced eBayer, too–a gold mine of valuable and up-to-date information!”



Finally two tools from Colourfull Creations :

http://www.colourfull.com/at40.html Auction Tender includes ‘inventory management’ and claims compatibility with popular ecommerce systems – this could be a dark horse winner if it works downunder

http://www.colourfull.com/maxi.html Maxi Bidder is a sniping tool, which is unfortunately what we need these days. At least until the agents move in that is 🙂

[Update: I bought GarageSale this year (2006) and have been very happy with it, especially because it is working well on ebay.com.au – Matthew 17 Sep 2006]

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