You want my date of birth??

October 17, 2005

Due to a series of random chance events (like any good ‘sliding doors’ story) my honey bunny happened to hear a punter ring in to Triple J this morning to describe a Hayseed Dixie concert they went to on the weekend.

My mind was blown – I was hoping that I hadn’t missed the boys on another tour downunder (although you could hardly call the first time a tour – they played a gig in Sydney in an obscure pub somewhere…)

Lucky for me they’re just at the start of a real tour, and there’s three gigs somewhat nearby I can get to. Even better, they are scheduled for next week (instead of the last one.)

Anyway my lamentation was this : how was I supposed to know about this tour?? It is a nice theory that your fans will come back to your web site every week hoping against hope that there is finally a message somewhere about a tour in your area. Bullshit. Sorry everybody, but we fans simply have too many of these sites to check for it to be possible. Since I don’t read the newspaper anymore I don’t read the gig guide there either.

My bad.

If only there was a way we could all play together to share the information of what we want to see and who’s coming to town.

I did find a site – – even better they do list the gig I want to go to! However whan I go to sign up for regular updates on who what when and where they need my full date of birth!

Bugger off.

How can we do this out in the open?

Anybody home?

October 1, 2005

Wow – there goes another six weeks. Woosh. I guess this is the year of change, after all, Year of Learning be damned.

Looks like my major contract at the moment has been cut suddenly – well short wouldn’t be the right word, let us say off. There will be a bit of cleaning up and finishing off of immediate tasks, but beyond that is very uncertain.

Anyone looking for an experienced FileMaker developer? Have done lots of FileMaker work in such areas as price lists, publishing, newsletters, web sites, process management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management and analysis, competitive analysis, mailing lists, bulk mailing and the list goes on like that for a while 🙂

On the bright side I’m driving a car that was made in this decade – which is definately a first for me.