You want my date of birth??

Due to a series of random chance events (like any good ‘sliding doors’ story) my honey bunny happened to hear a punter ring in to Triple J this morning to describe a Hayseed Dixie concert they went to on the weekend.

My mind was blown – I was hoping that I hadn’t missed the boys on another tour downunder (although you could hardly call the first time a tour – they played a gig in Sydney in an obscure pub somewhere…)

Lucky for me they’re just at the start of a real tour, and there’s three gigs somewhat nearby I can get to. Even better, they are scheduled for next week (instead of the last one.)

Anyway my lamentation was this : how was I supposed to know about this tour?? It is a nice theory that your fans will come back to your web site every week hoping against hope that there is finally a message somewhere about a tour in your area. Bullshit. Sorry everybody, but we fans simply have too many of these sites to check for it to be possible. Since I don’t read the newspaper anymore I don’t read the gig guide there either.

My bad.

If only there was a way we could all play together to share the information of what we want to see and who’s coming to town.

I did find a site – – even better they do list the gig I want to go to! However whan I go to sign up for regular updates on who what when and where they need my full date of birth!

Bugger off.

How can we do this out in the open?

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