Trying my first iTunes voucher/card

January 4, 2006

So I was lucky enough to be given some iTunes music cards for Christmas. Here I am trying them out for the first time … here in Australia it seems that the redemption code (aka PIN) is printed as a separate receipt that is printed at the service desk of the store (at least in this case.)

The receipt has good instructions on how to use, and informs me of a two-year expiration limit for the value stored under this code. Seems reasonable enough.

Well the process was a little bumpy, but worked out fine. I went to the store and clicked on ‘Redeem’ – from there I typed in the code in lower case. I also typed it with the spaces like on the receipt (just to test how it would be handled – the code is printed on the receipt in upper case only.)

The next page informed me that this looks like a gift certificate number and presents a dialog asking would I like to try to redeem it as a gift certificate? Interestingly, the code has been converted to upper case and without any spaces.

Once I assent to trying the code as a gift certificate, the next dialog says I am about to redeem this certificate for ‘Matthew’ – so this is another chance to abort, I suppose. I click yes and discover my account has been credited with the appropriate value.

Now for some shopping 🙂

The Frazzled Mum is back in action

January 4, 2006

So after finding the hosting to be quite good, I’ve set up my partner, the Frazzled Mum, with her sporadic blog as well.

It has only a few posts, so I could manually cut and paste them into wordpress. What I especially like right now is the ability to modify the posting date – so all her old posts (going back to 2001) are preserved with their original posting date and time.

So if you’re looking for a few good stories from a Mum about her kids, swing on over to the Frazzled Mum and be sure not to have any drinks in your mouth while you read 😉