Trying my first iTunes voucher/card

So I was lucky enough to be given some iTunes music cards for Christmas. Here I am trying them out for the first time … here in Australia it seems that the redemption code (aka PIN) is printed as a separate receipt that is printed at the service desk of the store (at least in this case.)

The receipt has good instructions on how to use, and informs me of a two-year expiration limit for the value stored under this code. Seems reasonable enough.

Well the process was a little bumpy, but worked out fine. I went to the store and clicked on ‘Redeem’ – from there I typed in the code in lower case. I also typed it with the spaces like on the receipt (just to test how it would be handled – the code is printed on the receipt in upper case only.)

The next page informed me that this looks like a gift certificate number and presents a dialog asking would I like to try to redeem it as a gift certificate? Interestingly, the code has been converted to upper case and without any spaces.

Once I assent to trying the code as a gift certificate, the next dialog says I am about to redeem this certificate for ‘Matthew’ – so this is another chance to abort, I suppose. I click yes and discover my account has been credited with the appropriate value.

Now for some shopping 🙂

3 Responses to Trying my first iTunes voucher/card

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  2. Everyone loves free vouchers right? I get mine on this new facebook app: Hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

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