Starbucks short coffee hack … downunder!

Technorati ChartSolving the mystery of the elusive “short” cappuccino – by Tim Harford is an article that talks about ordering a ‘short’ drink at Starbucks – a size that doesn’t appear on the menu. Well I am here to report that this (very loosely termed) ‘hack’ works here in Australian Starbucks as well. The barista/server didn’t even bat an eyelid when I asked for a double short cappuccino. Except the double bit got sorta left out, but I was too focussed on the whole ‘short hack’ working to notice.

Tim writes : This secret cappuccino is cheaper, too—at my local Starbucks, $2.35 instead of $2.65.

Well here at my local (for today, anyway) the short cap cost me $2.95 instead of the ‘tall’ at $3.45. Sweeet.

Interested persons can track the story across the blogosphere at Technorati, or take the cheet sheet graphical version here. Graph shows posts that contain “starbucks short coffee hack” per day for the last 30 days.

[Updated chart to remove the word ‘short’ and use proper link to updating chart]

4 Responses to Starbucks short coffee hack … downunder!

  1. Matthew says:

    Updating this article in 2008 – the short hack still works. Today I ordered a “short double shot mocha” which cost me the princely sum of $4.05 – well short of the list price of the ‘tall’ mocha with a measley single shot of coffee.

  2. drew says:


    Don’t go to St*rbucks, go to a decent local cafe, they will make you *whatever you want*, just ask!

    And they will do it while not screwing other local businesses and coffee farmers with their ugly McDonalds-like global octopus tactics!


  3. Matthew says:

    Fair call Drew – this hack is for use in those situations when St4rbucks is the only choice you have available. The ‘short’ gets you a sensible sized drink and the double shot of which I am a fan makes the coffee drinkable.

  4. LA foo says:

    OKay, I hate to burst your bubble but a short cappacino has less milk than a tall. Short is the name of the cup size, and even though your getting 2 shots, your getting jipped on milk. If you want to get 2 shots cheap, just ask for a cup of milk and 2 add shots.

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