memo to self – checkout Website Baker

February 1, 2006

This is really a memo to that other me to take a look at Website Baker – now that we have WordPress installed, that one should be a snap to drop in beside it.

That’s why I went TiVo

February 1, 2006

Sbg is wrestling with a TV Card…

The card stopped working when I migrated to Fedora Core 4 and stopped using my own kernel. It started working again for a short period with native FC4 kernels, but I lost track of which kernel was working — there were a lot of updates at once — so I’ve been going without digital TV.

As it says, that’s why I went with a TiVo (that has been pretty good lately.) Of course, when I went to ask the cable company to get disconnected last night I spent an hour on hold! Then was put through to another number (that seemed to be someone’s home answering machine) and when I finally called back the disconnections department (which the thoughtful customer service rep had given me before transferring me to nowhere) they had finished work.

Perhaps I’ll try again today. That will mean replacing the cable set top box and the old vcr (which changed the cable RF signal into RCA outputs) with the new digital set top box. Which *should* work, as other OzTiVo people are using the same model.

All of which brings me to Sbg’s next sentence:

Life, surprisingly, was still okay.

There is hope yet!