What is ?

Chris Pirillo has dared himself to not use Google for one week. A most interesting experiment indeed.

Why would you do this? Why should you do do this?

Firstly – if you have been relying on Google lo these many years then it is time to at least check out the competition. Start with one of the newcomers or the previous king of the heap Perhaps you could try some old school with or Then there are those taking shots at Google like For all the antipodeans out there, come and try for a while.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Add another string to your bow. Yadda yadda yadda.

Another reason is to pause and consider why we have been ceding so much control to Google recently. Sure they were fantastic when the started, an order of magnitude better in search. Now what is going on? As a public company (despite all they say) you know that market pressures, investors, analysts and brokers are eventually going to influence Google. By influence I mean mess around with search results or even take control of your own words! They have tried it before, they will again.

Try life without Google for a week. Forward your Gmail somewhere, try another search engine. Try Yahoo’s mail and photos (now with Flickr goodness) Use NASA’s worldwind to peek at the earth.

Try for a short time to change your thinking, be more flexible and see what is happening outside the Google-sphere.

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