Tagging continued … in iPhoto!

So Melvin Rivera from All Forces wrote a tutorial on using keywords in iPhoto. [thanks MacSlash]

This is a good thing 🙂 I have been working on keywords for my iPhoto library for maybe a year now. Maybe less. It is hard work, but I am motivated by two factors :

Firstly I have done this kind of work before (tagging my music library in iTunes) and now the results are excellent there. I now use the ‘Smart Playlist‘ features heavily … over 50 of them at last count. There are playlists like “All tracks added in the 4th Quarter of 2005” or “All songs (not podcasts) with any of the words ‘beer, wine, drink, bourbon, scotch, whiskey, gin’ in the titles” This makes it easy for me to isolate the sort of music I feel like listening to at any time.

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