pH is high … will this be a problem?

Well two and a half months have passed and the freshwater fish tank is still going strong. As this tank was purchased to help me learn how to keep fish, I’m slowly adding to my store of knowledge and gear and learning as I go.

The last problem I had was cooling. Opening the flap to allow for more evaporation certainly helped (judging by the water loss) but the temperatures remained in the high range over 300 K. Now we’re moving into Autumn I’m not so concerned so this will wait for next Summer.

The latest addition is a simple pH testing kit. Since the tank is due for a water change (or at least a top-up) I figured now is a good time to start my testing regime.

Why have I not tested before this? Good question. I guess I need to talk about the beginning of my aquarium, but that as they say is another story.

Anyway I tested my tank and the incoming (treated tap) water and both were registering easily north of 7, in fact perhaps as high as 7.4! This basic kit requires dropping two drops of Bromothymol Blue into a small vial and visually testing against a colour card.

Now I have to decide if that is a normal pH for my tank or if I should work on lowering the pH a little. For the moment I’m going to leave it, but test as well to see what the range will be (as pH tends to change with the time of day…)

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