Last night I began the paperwork to join our local Scout group as a volunteer leader. You should have seen how fast the current leaders jumped for the papers and a pen for me!

In my usual style I began searching to see what is happening in Scouting online. Turns out there is a bit, but not as much as i would like. Our group doesn't yet have any web site (that'll soon be fixed 🙂

Anyway here are a few links I dug up of interest to me at the moment:

2 Responses to Scouting

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Just found your web site. If you are interested in learning about scout drumming please feel free to contact me. We run drumming sessions every Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 7pm before our weekly meeting. I’ve visited about 30 scout group since 2003 by running one hour workshops for Joeys, Cubs and Scouts sections.

    cheers, Mark
    1st Cabarita-Mortlake scout drummers

  2. Mark says:

    Just saw your October blog about taikoz. The drumming our scouts do is based on taikoz drumming. I started lessons with Taikoz in 2005 and found this format to be the very suitable for cubs and scouts. We did the drumming at the Slamboree half-time by playing a Taiko style with old marching drums. I’m hoping to do the Friday nights classes at Taikoz in term 1, 2007.

    I started learning drumming in 1997 with Epping Pipe Band. I am currently the lead side for Hornsby RSL Pipe Band and also the pipe tutor for the East Hills Scouts Pipes and Drums. Barry Gray (ex-PM of City of Blacktown Pipe Band) will also be helping tutoring the scout and guide learner pipers in 2007.

    cheers, Mark

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