Scouting – what’s in a name?

As I have volunteered to join in as a Joey Scout Leader, I need to pick a name for myself.

In Australia the Joey leaders take their names from the local flora and fauna. I think I have found my name.

Early possibilities were chuditch (which is an aboriginal word for the quoll – our largest feline predators.) I was warned against the obvious wombat due to an unfortunately common description of their eating habits having a double meaning.
So next I strike upon the humble Bull Ant, otherwise known as the Jack Jumper. This resonates for a few reasons.

Size – I am of a good heft 🙂 Simple, strong and individual (unlike many other ant species.) They love to eat sweet things. I was once one of the commercial Bullants, though sadly was made redund-ant.

Finally there is the aboriginal name – tietta. This word is also in use in certain areas of arctic Russia – there it means 'science.'

Well that does it for me. Now it only remains to see if the name is acceptable to the scouting leadership and more importantly if the kids can pronounce it.

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