Quick passwords

I’m installing a new WordPress blog as part of the migration of my hosting business. Naturally the need for fresh passwords arises, and I wanted to finally automate that tedious ‘creative’ process.

Digging around for some solutions I eventually end up on wincent.com with a quick article on installing a utility called ‘pwgen‘ – a small, GPL’ed password generator which creates passwords which can be easily memorized by a human. Knowledge base: Building pwgen on Mac OS X 10.3 All is good so far, this looks like a great little tool. (p.s. It is up to v2.05 now, still installs smoothly on 10.3)

However I wasn’t satisfied. I needed a nice default and I wanted a new password to be as close as possible. That lead me to build the solution in Quicksilver. How to do this? Well a quick AppleScript later I have a solution – then I bind the script to a QuickSilver trigger and a new password is only a keystroke combo away!

Open this script in a new Script Editor window. (Sorry this isn’t working – WordPress seems to be stripping out the applescript: part of the URL.)

set newPass to do shell script “/usr/local/bin/pwgen -cny 8 1”
set the clipboard to newPass
tell application “Quicksilver”
show large type newPass
end tell

[Updated to note the failure to fix the link to the ApleScript]

One Response to Quick passwords

  1. Matthew says:

    Update : I have since altered the arguments to PWGen to read :

    “/usr/local/bin/pwgen -cn 8 1”

    Dropping the -y argument (which forces at least one symbol character) made passwords compatible with many web sites, which is what I’m using these for. The -c forces at least one upper-case character, while the -n forces at least one numeral.

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