Sharing Photos

I have been sharing photos online for a very long time now. It is great to see things getting easier – witness my own Flickr photos in the sidebar of this blog.However, one tool isn’t always up to every task – so I’m trying a new site/tool called Tabblo.

My first Tabblo is the set of photos I took one foggy morning a month ago:


One Foggy Sydney Morning

It was a school morning, June 23rd. As usual we drive around Canada bay, through the golf course on the way. I was lucky enough to be able to take a few minutes after the drop-off to do my first fog photography.
The shoreline across the bay, only faintly visible in these pictures, made for a stunningly beautiful foggy morning in Sydney.
See my Tabblo>

As you see Tabblo is about creating gorgeous layouts for your photos, and certainly for this set I think it works much better than the same photos on Flickr

One Response to Sharing Photos

  1. Zack says:

    What a great site…I love the layout aspect that flickr doesn’t offer.

    Thanks for sharing.


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