How big is our Schwartz?

Going to a high-pressure sales pitch this weekend for the new version of time share – ‘holiday ownership’ with the Accor Vacation Club. Time will tell if we are to be part of the 12% who sign up on the day or not. Even 20% of those back out in the cooling off period.

Of course we’re all going for the freebies – so bring it on!

The Club :

Why pay retail? :

3 Responses to How big is our Schwartz?

  1. Terry says:

    Hope you didn’t sign up at retail prices! Drop me an email if you are interested in buying APVC or Worldmark at discounted prices.

  2. Matthew says:

    Thanks Terry – as you see in the article I found you before the event so I was forewarned as it were. Turns out the pitch wasn’t too hard, then again we spent our time playing with the presenter – which he was wise to, so we didn’t get a one on one with a ‘consultant’. Nor did we get a refreshment, not even a glass of water was offered.

    They did make good on the ‘present’ though, so we have an accomodation voucher with a $29 booking fee for a nice weekend somewhere for our trouble.

  3. Matthew says:

    Update: Now we’ve been to the Worldmark presentation as well. This time we made out with a nice lunch cruise on the harbour! Despite having been told about all the ‘fun’ we’d have in the presentation, I’m pretty sure the fun we did have wasn’t what they were hoping for. A little sparring with the presenter over the special price for today only and we were all but shoved out the door 🙂

    Interesting that Accor have bought out their jv partner! Read for yourself at

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