Laptop in service limbo

September 6, 2006

Argh! My laptop (primary machine) is in service limbo – despite my efforts to minimise the downtime.

The story so far – my PowerBook G4 1.25Ghz has been a great machine. In the first few months I did have to get the motherboard replaced due to a bad video card – this was done under warranty and all was well.

Another issue is the white blotches or spots issue that has been extensively talked about online. Finally they were really bugging me so I went off to one of the local stores.

AppleCentre Mac1 is where I went last Friday morning. On the counter I showed off the problem, explained that I needed the machine for work and required minimal downtime. The response was that I could drop it off on Monday morning, keeping it for the weekend. Stupidly, I exected that since I had booked the laptop in and received a booking sheet, that parts would be ordered and I would be up and running by now.

Oh not so fast.

Yesterday I was told twice that 1) the laptop hadnt been diagnosed yet (!) and 2) if I wanted faster service I could pay a fee to jump to the head of the queue.


The story drags on … hopefully not too much longer.

[Update : all better now, took another 2 days but the job was done well.]