Trolling for Replies

I am working out my Grouchy-ness and starting to get into the

Having folded origami to finish heist 2, we get a very cool sounding password manager (although it is 10.4 only … I’ll have to upgrade soon.)

Password Manager + AutoFill for Mac OS X

Anyway, it seems we can get A Friendly Ape to visit our blogs if we give a little link love, so here it is.

[Edited to remove the name of the Ape from the in case that helps this part of the heist]

2 Responses to Trolling for Replies

  1. huberth says:

    Hubert was here. Can’t stay. Too many see and copy.

  2. huberth says:

    Yield to Benedict Arnold.

    Wait for the appetitive, the spirted, and the rational.

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