The best investment advice you’ll never get

December 19, 2006

From the Big Picture comes ‘The best investment advice you’ll never get’ :

[…] who’d grown up listening to stories of tech stocks going through the roof and were eager to test their own ability to outpace the averages, the discouraging message came as a surprise. Still, they listened and pondered as they waited for the following week’s lesson […]

This is boring investment advice. The funny thing is, successful investing isn’t glamorous, sexy, exciting or much fun (except in hindsight.)

The short version is this : for most people, most of the time, index funds are the best investment because you track ‘the market’ and make your profits with the lowest possible fees paid out, thus enhancing your returns compared to a trading strategy (either by yourself or a professional funds manager.)

Do I do this myself? No, not yet.

Are my results better than everyone elses? No, not yet.

Time to get some index fund investing underway.