First fish tank … The Beginning

[This article has been on standby for most of 2006, I think it is time I finish it off and get it out here.]

On an excursion to a shopping centre we don’t normally visit, I was struck by the very low price of aquaria in the front window. Sooner or later I was going to take one home.

As it happened we ventured back to the centre only a week or so later. The tanks were still there – calling out to me. How could I resist? When I was young my father was into keeping tropical fish for a number of years … they were the only pets we had to speak of. So I have a soft spot for keeping fish which I hope to pass on to my kids.

I bought the tank with an expensive piece of driftwood – nice upsell on a cheap tank, by the way! Anyway the driftwood came with a plant attached (which I have yet to identify) [now identified as an Anubias log] and I presumed that there would be a few bacteria and maybe a snail or two along for the ride, along with the bunch of Elodea. So I thought that I would start the tank with the plants and see what happened.

The tap water was treated with the store recommended product for treating water (and removing chlorine and other unwanted nasties.) Once mostly filled, I let it run for about two weeks. After that, as the water still looked nice and clear and the plants were still alive and a couple of small snails had appeared – I thought it was time to populate our little aquarium.

3 Responses to First fish tank … The Beginning

  1. Jardini says:

    Great post, I love aquariums 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Congrats on your first tank! I keep telling my wife I want to get one and I always get sidetracked to the fish dept at petsmart on the way to get dog food. One of these days I’ll get one.

  3. Keep those snails and the water will stay clear for ages. Also try activated carbon and it will reduce how often you need to clean the tank. Good Luck!

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