Green power in NSW – which is really green?

January 17, 2007

As have other bloggers before me, I received a pitch from AGL for their ‘Green Living‘ electricity deal which offers a no contracts, no extra charges ‘green’ electricity option.


While the deal sounds good, it is perhaps a little too good to be true. So who can tell me what’s really going on?

GreenPower? GreenPower NSW? Since these are both government run, they are unlikely to give me a real opinion on the value of any given offer. Further searching yields an interesting site, Green Electricity Watch – run “by Australian environment groups to help consumers choose”. That sounds like what we need to read.

The basic gist is this : buy electricity with the highest amount of accredited GreenPower as you can afford – that’s the only source that will actually make a difference.

Going by that, the AGL ‘Green Living’ deal only sources 20% from accredited Green power. Not so good, but better than nothing I suppose – the only danger with this switch would be complacency. Are you going to remember to upgrade to a higher percentage accredited plan next year?