Green power in NSW – which is really green?

As have other bloggers before me, I received a pitch from AGL for their ‘Green Living‘ electricity deal which offers a no contracts, no extra charges ‘green’ electricity option.


While the deal sounds good, it is perhaps a little too good to be true. So who can tell me what’s really going on?

GreenPower? GreenPower NSW? Since these are both government run, they are unlikely to give me a real opinion on the value of any given offer. Further searching yields an interesting site, Green Electricity Watch – run “by Australian environment groups to help consumers choose”. That sounds like what we need to read.

The basic gist is this : buy electricity with the highest amount of accredited GreenPower as you can afford – that’s the only source that will actually make a difference.

Going by that, the AGL ‘Green Living’ deal only sources 20% from accredited Green power. Not so good, but better than nothing I suppose – the only danger with this switch would be complacency. Are you going to remember to upgrade to a higher percentage accredited plan next year?

2 Responses to Green power in NSW – which is really green?

  1. Ian says:

    Thanks for the link to Green Electricity Watch! It seems the current Government reward scheme encourages people to sell Green power because consumers want it, but not to actually invest in renewable infrastructure. They just sell some compact fluor4escent light bulbs and shower heads, or label their plan “Green”.

    I have high hopes for the new 40% efficient solar cells, and the two pilot solar power plants being built in Victoria.

  2. Matthew says:

    Well the good news is that the government has regulated a minumum mix of green electricity for all suppliers, the bad news is the numbers are quite low at the moment. Still, there is *some* movement happening.

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