When buying a fridge, what is most important?

So my parent’s side by side fridge has just given up the ghost. It was fourteen years old – strangely enough it replaced a fridge that was also fourteen years old. What are the chances they’ll get the same longevity now?

Anyway, to the point. The most important feature right now, that is an absolute deal-killer, is the dimensions of the fridge.

Show me some way online to search for fridges by dimensions. Go on, I dare you. Bonus credit if the site deals in Australian available units.

This is one of those times when you realise that no one who is building the websites, even the manufacturer sites, not one of those people has stopped to think “what’s most important to the customer?”

Of course I care about energy efficiency. Yes the finish is important, along with the configuration (side by side, freezer on top, upside down etc…) However the only critical factor to allow me to even consider the purchase of your fridge is ‘will it fit in the space I have in my kitchen?’

Duh. Why do you bury the dimensions on your confounded websites?

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