Investment update

Went to the MMC EGM today where we passed the resolutions to complete the purchase of the funds management business. Once again I was impressed by the MMC staff and less impressed by the agitators. Will be putting more money here in the next
few weeks.

Also getting very tetchy about my other investments – in particular I am heavy in finance stocks and with more and more record highs I’m thinking of reducing my exposure here and chasing down some more of the value based managers I’m hearing about.

Two to investigate will be : Hunter Hall and Platinum.

One Response to Investment update

  1. Matthew says:

    Just to clarify – MMC is MMC Contrarian. Now while I was talking about selling down my finance exposure I failed to consider an important point – since I’m sitting on excellent paper profits, that means I bought at prices way lower than today. That means my dividend yield would be most excellent and what’s the point in selling if I’m giving up a really high yield on my money? Food for thought.

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