Mashup Madness? More like Maniacal Melting Media Mining

Yahoo have come up with a very interesting new product (which is totally overwhelmed at the moment) they call pipes.

Pipes: Rewire the Web

Pipes is designed to allow the tinkerers among us to grab bits of information from around the web and bend, cut,  mangle, sort and otherwise process that information to produce a custom built data feed for our own nefarious ends.

Sounds amazing. Once the scale it up I’ll be very keen to start tinkering myself.

A quick look around shows that big blue is also in this space with an alpha(?) product called QEDWiki – ‘to enable rapid deployment, content aggregation, structured data and powerful extensibility.’ Which pretty much means the same as Yahoo’s pipes 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to play with this one yet, but it is up and running at least, so that excuse is gone…

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