Hypnomarketing … are they serious?

Hypnomarketing – I almost hate to link to them! The whole idea is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Now I’m sure they would say that they’re up front with everything – and that is basically true. Most people will be happy to see a free show with free drinks and giveaways, all the while thinking ‘but they won’t be able to change my mind…’

That’s where hypnotherapy gets interesting. It does work – and by turning up you are giving permission for them to hypnotise you to love the brand that is being spruiked. All the while thinking ‘won’t work on me…’

Hopefully the Frazzled Mum will have something to say on the subject. [Update: here’s the post]

3 Responses to Hypnomarketing … are they serious?

  1. Ian says:

    Isn’t it funny how such a strong feeling of wrongness about hypnomarketing can develop, deep inside your gut? As you think about that, perhaps you can imagine a time in the future, maybe six months from now, when you will still feel how dangerous an this idea is, and look back on today as having been the start of it?

    I invite you to notice the difference between ordinary advertising which manipulates you in ways you can understand and have developed a resistance to, and the smooth slick seductive quality of feeling safe that no hypnotist could possibly form associations in your mind that you are absolutely certain you don’t want to feel. As that certainty forms a barrier that protects you, perhaps the public would appreciate some educational demonstrations of how hypnosis really works? 😉

  2. frazzledmum says:

    nice hypnotic language Ian, been practicing?

  3. blade says:

    This is plain evil. Are they serious. Either way its wrong.

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