Blogging your documentation

Some time ago I had an extensive contract doing FileMaker development work and I looked around for a way to easily keep notes (that were going to be useful to someone else!) on the work I was doing.

For a long time the answer was text files – very fast to update, search and very free flowing. However I wanted more, so I tried some blogging tools … finally settling on blosxom. This tool won because it stored the blog entries in plain text files – nicely future proofing the documentation in case blosxom wasn’t available/functional/wanted or whatever else.

Now I’m looking to do the whole thing over again on a different project and this time I want to use blojsom. Not least because Apple are now rolling blojsom into OS X Server, also because it seems to have a sizeable community behind it and partially because it is something new.

So – the stumbling block has always been getting Tomcat up and running on OS X. Today I’ve dug up some links to help – specifically MacSophia seems to have been here before, and pointed on further to mamamusings for some specific guidance.

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