Online Coin Collections?

March 21, 2007

Is this the only free coin collection web site?

OMNICOIN.COM :: World Coin Community

I have just spent some time searching for either an online collection tool (that’s the only one I found) or an open source tool that I could install on my own servers for managing a coin (or any) collection with no success at all. Surely my searching technique must have been bad, there must be some tools out there?

Links Roundup 21 Mar 2007

March 21, 2007

Once again I have a bunch of links and no time to go through each one – just take a look because they all have something to offer me. That’s got to be good enough for you, right?

  • – online photo editing, can grab your pics from all over, even Flickr
  • – view office docs online (without MS Office), keep an eye out for the browser plugins, WordPress plugin and API.
  • – make microcredit loans direct to those who really need help, a specific entrepreneur of your choosing. Loans that change lives.
  • Robot Fair at the Chauvel – say no more! Pity I can’t be there. Have fun.
  • – DRM free music, some of it free! Sell your music. Discover and share new music. Price goes up as songs are recommended. Ground floor opportunity 🙂
  • – ‘Coupon codes for online stores’ – where have you been all my life?
  • Last.FM – where I went to find out what I’ve been listening to for my amie street profile – why couldn’t they share the data?
  • – online finance tool, painfully security concious, sharing without sharing personal info, money tips based on your own spending, I’m trying it now.