Links Roundup 21 Mar 2007

Once again I have a bunch of links and no time to go through each one – just take a look because they all have something to offer me. That’s got to be good enough for you, right?

  • – online photo editing, can grab your pics from all over, even Flickr
  • – view office docs online (without MS Office), keep an eye out for the browser plugins, WordPress plugin and API.
  • – make microcredit loans direct to those who really need help, a specific entrepreneur of your choosing. Loans that change lives.
  • Robot Fair at the Chauvel – say no more! Pity I can’t be there. Have fun.
  • – DRM free music, some of it free! Sell your music. Discover and share new music. Price goes up as songs are recommended. Ground floor opportunity 🙂
  • – ‘Coupon codes for online stores’ – where have you been all my life?
  • Last.FM – where I went to find out what I’ve been listening to for my amie street profile – why couldn’t they share the data?
  • – online finance tool, painfully security concious, sharing without sharing personal info, money tips based on your own spending, I’m trying it now.

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