How Serendipitous!

March 29, 2007

Tonight is the first meeting for a new UTS Alumni group – IT Alumni Network Drinks. This will be held at UTS on Harris St in Broadway, here in Sydney.

The event is strange to me for two reasons : first the invitation was circulated via email as a Word document and secondly the event seems to be entirely missing from the web site.

Why strange? This is an IT event – why on earth are we *still* using archaic, closed document formats to share information? Don’t even get me started on how an IT function doesn’t make it onto a website 🙂

Where’s the serendipity, you ask? I’m glad you did, because I am getting to it.

Since I’ve been playing around with Twitter I have also been interested in what other people are doing. Today Dave writes about some important Twitter questions, pointing also to others – in particular Nik Cubrilovic. Yes Dave, I think Twitter is looking important enough to get an open source implementation underway.

I’m often interested in Nik because as a fellow Aussie I’ve always felt a long way out of the loop of interesting things happening in here on the leading edge of the internet. Imagine to my surprise to see Nik linking to a networking event for internet startups here in Sydney! Tonight.

Wow – I am so going to be there. Tonight. Just a short walk from the UTS Alumni event (which starts 1 hour earlier.) I had no idea there was so much going on here. As a refugee from a former startup (I was made redund-ant in the great Bullant collapse of the tech wreck) I have a taste for the scene and would love to be actually present with others who don’t look at me like a half-crazed internet hippie (Twitter? What are you talking about?)

Unbelievably excited by the middle item on what to expect :

Participate in a style activity.

There’s a good chance I was born for just such an activity, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves …