Bootable OS X on 1Gb flash drive!

March 15, 2007

Now that 1Gb flash drives can be had for under $20 around here, I’ll have to try this one out … yes SubRosaSoft have a utility called DasBoot, but that won’t make a flash drive on the PPC Macs, only for Intel.

HOWTO: Install and Boot OS X On a Flash Drive

What is quite clever is that this gets OS X onto a 1Gb drive with some space to spare – around 11Mb free. Perhaps Monolingual could free up a little more room?

So why would you do this? Good question. First I suppose it would make a good recovery device – boot from flash to help resurrect a crashed Mac … there must also be some good uses from the paranoid set as well.

Of course the other temptation with drives this cheap is to make a RAID and install on that 🙂

[Addendum: 29 march 2008]

Since this post still gets a bit of attention, I had to share these new links to a range of other Mac OS apps  to install on a pen drive. Without further ado: WebWorkerDaily reported on eleven go anywhere mini applications for the Mac in December 2007. That list included wireless tools, word processing, image processing, backup, maintenance and messaging tools. They followed that up in January 2008 (More mini Mac apps for your pocket USB thumb drive) which expanded the list to ftp, more text with TextWrangler (though not so little!) and even a tool to remotely wake a sleeping Mac!

Of course with flash drive prices crashing all the time, OS X on a drive seems more reasonable when you can buy an 8Gb usb pen drive at a sensible price. Add in these ‘portable’ apps and perhaps some recovery utilities and you could have your cake and pretty much eat it too. Feel free to comment and leave links to any new information on the topic!

Blogging your documentation

March 13, 2007

Some time ago I had an extensive contract doing FileMaker development work and I looked around for a way to easily keep notes (that were going to be useful to someone else!) on the work I was doing.

For a long time the answer was text files – very fast to update, search and very free flowing. However I wanted more, so I tried some blogging tools … finally settling on blosxom. This tool won because it stored the blog entries in plain text files – nicely future proofing the documentation in case blosxom wasn’t available/functional/wanted or whatever else.

Now I’m looking to do the whole thing over again on a different project and this time I want to use blojsom. Not least because Apple are now rolling blojsom into OS X Server, also because it seems to have a sizeable community behind it and partially because it is something new.

So – the stumbling block has always been getting Tomcat up and running on OS X. Today I’ve dug up some links to help – specifically MacSophia seems to have been here before, and pointed on further to mamamusings for some specific guidance.

Much mortgage news

March 13, 2007

Check it out – our mortgage industry is growing up. If we can just avoid the sub-prime disaster going on in the US at the moment 🙂

Also interesting is that Warren Buffet in his latest letter to shareholders mentions that he’s on the hunt for real estate agency businesses at the moment.

Adelaide Bank’s interest-free mortgage

Adelaide Bank has launched a mortgage product that lets borrowers buy a [sic] 20 per cent of home without having to make interest payments.

Fancy an interest-free loan to buy a house?

But when I heard about ‘shared-equity mortgage’, no such fears invaded my senses. All I could think was, ‘that’s interesting’, ‘good idea’ and ‘can’t-wait-to-see-if-and-when-it-will-ever-happen’. […]Yesterday […] Rismark and RP Data announced the launch of new property price indices and a residential property derivatives trading market.

Adelaide Bank has created a website just for the mortgage called at

The indices by RP Data are only available for pay, of course – what do you think this is? A marketplace where participants can see the data?

In his book Irrational Exuberance, Robert Schiller wrote about the potential beneficial uses of a derivatives market in residential property. Imagine you buy a house in Sydney – you could then use derivates over say Melbourne property to provide a kind of insurance against a drastic fall in your property. Naturally it would be possible to trade these derivatives in a more reckless manner, but nobody would do that, would they? Hmm.


Been Working! (with WordPress and others)

March 7, 2007

Haven’t been posting here much over the past few days because I’ve been head down over at Fantastic, mostly behind the scenes stuff. Getting WordPress upgraded a couple of times, finding good extensions to use so that when I offer blogging to clients I can recommend some good extensions, themes and plugins to start them off.

Also I have finally switched on the website for our scouting group – is the new site. The site is running a CMS called CMScout, which is developed specifically for scouting groups. At some point I’ll get a chance to localise the templates to make a Sea Scouts and/or Australian Scouting template.

Hypnomarketing … are they serious?

March 1, 2007

Hypnomarketing – I almost hate to link to them! The whole idea is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Now I’m sure they would say that they’re up front with everything – and that is basically true. Most people will be happy to see a free show with free drinks and giveaways, all the while thinking ‘but they won’t be able to change my mind…’

That’s where hypnotherapy gets interesting. It does work – and by turning up you are giving permission for them to hypnotise you to love the brand that is being spruiked. All the while thinking ‘won’t work on me…’

Hopefully the Frazzled Mum will have something to say on the subject. [Update: here’s the post]