LPG (autogas) conversions revisited

In the almost six months since I first wrote on this topic, petrol prices have continued to rise here in Australia, while LPG pricing has remained steady.

The spreadsheet has been updated for these new conditions, now showing a per litre saving of 54.1 cents. That means at a paltry 20 litres per week you could now recover your costs in only 55 weeks, a savings now of 33 weeks on the earlier numbers. (Assuming $600 out of pocket expenses after the government’s $2000 rebate.)

Further investigation shows the rebate is a flat rate, no matter what your actual expenses were – even if you outlay less than $2000 you still get the full rebate. Interesting 🙂

Now I’ve been researching new and interesting technologies that are coming up in LPG for vehicles and these are three that I think are most intriguing…

As for efficiency, it has been mentioned to me that a dual-fuel vehicle (where you can switch between petrol and LPG) is necessarily less efficient than single fuel because an engine is tuned for the octane rating of your fuel. Since there is usually a gap between the octane ratings of LPG (100 to 105) and petrol (91/2 to 95/6), consider making your conversion LPG only to increase performance to the best available.

However if long range driving is more important to you, then retaining the petrol system will of course extend your driving range considerably.

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