Important Reminders in a River of Notifications

Twitter is fast becoming my primary communications channel. I find now that it is the first site I go to in a day and launch from there to other sites and conversations on the web.

Twitter is also aggregating useful information – local public transport issues, reminders (with RememberTheMilk) and so much more is being added every day. Just look at the last couple of natural disasters and see how the Twitter coverage has grown.

But what happens when I miss a few pages of Twitter notifcations? Twitter is best used as a River of News – that is, a place to dip into and grab whatever is happening. That use case is inconsistent with
important notifications – I may well miss a few tweets from my Twitter friends, but I don’t want to miss a single reminder or important note.

What to do? Complicating Twitter with categories like must read, should read, nice to read in’t much of an answer – Twitter rocks because it is simple.

Perhaps I could get these other must read notes sent into my reminder system, my to-do list? That would be great.

Consider : Last.FM now publishes a calendar feed of upcoming concerts in my city for bands that it knows I listen to, or bands I would like based on similar users. But buying tickets for a concert usually happens months in advance – I don’t keep an eye on next year’s calendar, do you? Rather, I would have new items from that feed pushed into my ‘Check these out’ queue in my to-do system. That way I would have a chance to see them in time to act.

Discuss 🙂

P.S. Yes I know there are no links here, that’s because I’m writing this wrapped in a towel from the shower where this idea came to me. Now I need to get ready to lead a Scout hike – hopefully I can flesh this out a little later.

One Response to Important Reminders in a River of Notifications

  1. Matthew says:

    Perhaps you might think I’m re-inventing email. To an extent that may be true, but I’m sure there’s something else going on here – this is getting close to intelligent agent territory. What I’m interested in, though, is the delivery rather than the finding of the information.

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