are we too jaded to participate?

December 5, 2007

Reading this amazing piece which is the story of an online journalist called up for jury duty.

It is worth your time to read this. Especially as we are coming up to that time of year for reflection. Do hold onto this one through the silly season and consider : are we too jaded to participate? How’s your ability to objectively participate in democracy?

Live from General Jury Assembly Room 2.60 – Clicked –

Has the online celebration of the counterintuitive and the contradictory caused me to see the world through a backward lens in which people don’t really see what they see and the only way to be fair is to strip away bias to a degree that only exists in the rantings of righteous pundit bloggers? Should there be a big NOTE: at the top of Clicked: warning, may cause a warped perception of the world that could hinder your ability to objectively participate in the duties and responsibilities required of citizens of a democracy.

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December 5, 2007
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