Today’s Tweets

  • 12:11 morning all. Fine afternoon then. How’s work? Bit lonely here – just the way I like it 🙂 #
  • 12:21 So what’s with all the light weight talk? Last I looked I was 106kg and am aiming for 99kg as the medium term goal. Tried #
  • 13:31 Listening in to the Aussie web folk live on #
  • 13:37 why do need my birthdate to sign up FFS? #
  • 13:44 crap – dropped the stream while trying to log in just as the conversation got interesting … #
  • 14:33 off to lunch after the live podcast – maybe a Sub? #
  • 14:35 @fulltimecasual yes, @agronaught has his stupid subway bike – pretty nice one too. #
  • 15:39 P2P Postal service – what a fabulous idea @SilkCharm! #
  • 16:52 @dpn the danger of personalisation is that we create isolated peeps from *some* things they need to know. Not sure how to solve that though! #
  • 17:07 @ChrisSaad *removes* narrowing focus? I don’t see that. Perhaps my fears are unfounded … when does a news item become of overriding import #
  • 17:11 Maybe the APML selling line is : we’re all drowning in information anyway, might as well make the surroundings more pleasant 🙂 #
  • 17:38 Go home Aussie East coast peeps, or stop working as appropriate 🙂 #
  • 17:45 @jodiem I’ll give you 5 minutes to complete your tasks then it will be time to play. #
  • 23:02 @bck nice graphs – thx for the insight that I tweet most on Tuesdays #

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