I’ve been paid to surf over $75 already in 2008

Being paid to surf feels great. For a time investment of a minute or two a day, I’ve been able to earn quite a few dollars and have actually been paid in real cash! This is my story.

My progress overall is kept on the PaidToClick page of this blog.

Today has been a big day – I received a cheque for AUD$30 from EmailCash Australia and just discovered a deposit in my bank account for AUD$35 from PureProfile. Add to this the USD$10 I received via PayPal from Subvert and Profit last week and there’s my $75 in actual cash paid to me so far in 2008.

3 Responses to I’ve been paid to surf over $75 already in 2008

  1. Ian says:

    I got paid US$79 this year in commissions from ads on my website . It went straight to paypal, and then the bank. First the laptop, then the affiliate pay. Anything could happen next.

  2. Matthew says:

    That’s fantastic Ian! Which services do you use to earn money? I see you do have a clothing store, what else do you do there?

  3. ji says:

    i am interested in being paid to surf stuff bt i cocerned if they will use too much of my quota, internet is slow and quota limited whr i am.

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