Paid to surf update – a cheque and a purchase

Overnight I have ordered the smallest of un-referred member packages from, a pack of 15 users. What a great business they have – keeping the profits inside by ‘selling’ downlines to those wanting to grow their referral rates quickly. Anyhow since they’ve just added a slew of new payment methods (replacing PayPal who apparently won’t allow payments to PPC aka Pay Per Click operators anymore) I figured I’d use some of the money I’ve already earned this year and have a go. Note you can still receive a payment from into your PayPal, just not buy from them with it.

In other news I have a picture of the cheque from EmailCash to prove they are really cheques. Now I just need to remember how to deposit one of these into a bank account 🙂

Emailcash Cheque
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

2 Responses to Paid to surf update – a cheque and a purchase

  1. Shawn says:

    Hi there, so you actually did receive an actual pay cheque from
    That is really quite amazing if you did, this is the only cheque I have heard of or seen posted on the web. I have an account at and I purchased there 35 pack for 35bucks. I have already made my money back and I have already asked for a cashout just to make sure it is in fact Legit, but so far it seems like it hasn’t been properly processed. I am starting to get very skeptical if this real. How long after you cashed out did you receive your cheque?

    Thanks, – Shawn Steinman Kitchener, Canada

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi Shawn,

    this cheque was from EmailCash – a much older and more stable business based here in Australia. As I said I ‘bought’ as a trial a 15 set of users who have been clicking for me, like you I have made my money back but have not yet received (or requested) a payout. I was hoping for something other than AlertPay which seems to be the only way to get money out at the moment.

    So not payout from yet – I’d be interested to hear when your payment comes through. From the forums it does seem to take many weeks for payouts to arrive, but they do (hopefully) make it. Thanks for sharing your experience so far!

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