A Kilo of Aussie Brains

February 6, 2008

This is one of my relatively rare political posts – stay and read!

The new PM, Kevin Rudd, has announced an ambitious project – to gather (at their own expense!) 1,000 Australian thinkers to tackle the long term strategies for the country.

Personally I find this a wonderful idea – having known politicians on and off I know that they simply cannot keep up with new developments and ideas if they are able to cling to their elected positions. By that I mean politicians by their nature are concerned with the now rather than what is coming up, especially ten or twenty years hence.

In response, the local tech community has created (likely more than one) website dedicated to exploring the ideas of the project itself and the topics to be discussed. Follow the blog quoted below to keep up with the talk, and to have your own say on who you think should be there to represent you.

Australia 2020 Summit » The Australian tech community discusses the Australia 2020 Summit

Our PM, Kevvie has decided that a kilo of humans shall be chosen from amongst the people to tackle the TEN BIG QUESTIONS. Apparently these cover such things as productivity, the digital economy, water, health, indigenous people and services and the arts.

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February 6, 2008
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