Getting started with bank accounts for kids

February 26, 2008

A few days ago I posted the first ‘real’ article on our newest web project, Bank Accounts for Children. Here is an exerpt :

Get Started Now – Make a difference

Simply put, you are looking for high interest paying, zero fees accounts for your children. Kids start with little enough money as it is, we want to rule out any fees at this stage! It is unlikely you’ll find high interest in a child’s transaction account, so we’ll find two accounts to do the job […]

One of the mavericks of economics

February 26, 2008

Frederick Soddy, scientist on the early 20th Century, was an economic maverick. I love mavericks – right now this has to go down as a to-do item of mine … what I’ve read so far is very intriguing. Take this quote as an example :

The Doctrine of Virtual Wealth

After separating, therefore, wealth from debt, the next step in solving the ‘economic paradox’ of poverty in a world rich enough to satisfy mankind’s basic wants with ease, is to survey the process by which wealth comes into being.

Starting with a scientist’s view of the process of production, Soddy replaces the traditional ‘factors of production’ of Adam Smith (Land, Labour and Capital), with an alternative three: Discovery, Natural Energy and Human Diligence.

Today’s Tweets

February 26, 2008
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