Today’s Tweets

  • 14:03 What would be the equivalent sites for Australian (&/or New Zealand) peeps similar to : ? #
  • 14:46 w00t! scored one of @blogandgrow’s free footy tix for tonight – still a couple left! #
  • 18:16 DIY Microwave popcorn – works. Guest running the Scouts Sunday night? Check. Nearly time for the footy? Check! Think I’ll walk to the game.. #
  • 19:06 snap poll : who do I barrack for at the footy tonight? I’m a Tigers fan at the Souths vs Easts game… hmm. #
  • 19:10 @cameronreilly sure! chicken pies are good – lean protein, vegetables and grains in the crust! perfectly balanced 🙂 #
  • 19:16 bugger me! there’s a frak-load of people heading for the stadium, and i’ve only just passed the state sports centre! #
  • 19:50 I’m outside, the roar of the crowd inside is almost alive in its own right. It’s times like these I am almost sorry I’m not a ‘sports fan’ #

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