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March 20, 2008
  • 10:58 the month of treacherous traffic around Sydney Olympic Park has begun. sigh. #
  • 11:27 @agronaught Ice, Ice, Baby! I’m sympathetic to your situation – just coming out of a few bad back weeks myself. #
  • 11:28 @cameronreilly How many geeks were inspired by 2001:A Space Oddessy? #
  • 11:31 @Froosh Congrats on restoring the Merakis! I take it all they needed was More COWBELL? Will you be documenting your journey? #
  • 11:33 @gnoll110 Dude that would be *so* awesome! Almost as awesome as more cowbell in my car’s horn! #
  • 11:39 @yatima Well said. Farewell Mr Clarke, we shall share your visions with our younglings. #
  • 12:21 Discovering for some fundraising action later in the year. Great looking bags, but they need MORE COWBELL!! #
  • 12:28 @mrspeaker std installs : Growl, Little Snitch, Applejack, Perian, Chicken of the VNC, DropBox, QuickSilver, Skitch, TextWrangler, CyberDuck #
  • 13:23 listening in to the 2webcrew live : #
  • 13:53 Ack – lunch has arrived before 2webcrew has finished. Hmm, to nom, or not to nom, that is the question. #
  • 14:54 w00t! Just scored our first Heirloom seeds – flowers only, but still good. American striped Sweetpea? #
  • 16:18 Just came out of a heavy long-term business strategy meeting. Outcome? We need to sell shit for more & pay less for stuff. This show is deep #
  • 17:13 loggin in to .Mac on the web. Having trouble remembering the last time I did that … has to be at least five or six months ago. #
  • 17:40 ImprovEverywhere did it again. thx @rosshill. Sydney seriously needs more of this action … and more cowbell!!!! #
  • 17:46 @trib errr, like we don’t check our Twitter feeds every (n) seconds? FriendFeed does have RSS, FaceBook, iGoogle & email options @ pg bottom #
  • 18:02 @duncanriley @trib finally trying Twitterific & seeing what the fuss is about 🙂 You’d think a similar tool 4 FriendFeed would be possible. #
  • 18:04 probably should have posted that from here. Lol. #
  • 18:11 @duncanriley yes, I see the Twitterific appeal already. Surely an RSS scraper would be quick to hack up… #
  • 18:20 @WillHughes Block away! I routinely block those requests as well. Though if one was an AI research bot I may reconsider … #
  • 18:30 running late to leave the orifice … better get out now … then one more day before a 4 day no interwebs break. That’ll be, curious. #
  • 19:08 since when does Andrew Daddo host evenings on 702 radio? did i miss a memo? #
  • 20:58 @Just_K i think there’s a few people with that intention over the next few days. whee! sugar rushes all round! #
  • 22:35 @PureCaffeine err, comments are on on, aren’t they? At least if you register 🙂 #
  • 23:13 where’d everybody go? I wuz just signing up on the blockles thingamie #

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